Is Nicolle Wallace pregnant? Let’s dive into the real facts surrounding this question. First and foremost, it’s important to note that as of now, Nicolle Wallace is not pregnant. There have been rumors and speculations circulating about her pregnancy, but they are simply unfounded at this time.

So why do people wonder if Nicolle Wallace is expecting? Well, she is a public figure, and it is common for the media and the public to speculate about the personal lives of celebrities. The topic of pregnancy often comes up when discussing women of a certain age, especially if they are in a committed relationship or recently married, like Nicolle Wallace.

Is Nicole Wallace pregnant ? The Truth

No, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace wasn’t expecting a baby herself. She surprised her audience by disclosing that she and her husband, Michael S. Schmidt, had welcomed their baby daughter, Isabella Sloane Schmidt, with the help of a surrogate on November 21, 2023.

Wallace, who is 51 years old, kept this news a secret until the baby’s arrival and shared the joyful announcement during her show “Deadline: White House.” In a lighthearted manner, she addressed the various speculations about her absence, clarifying that she had not been pregnant but was overjoyed to have grown her family.

Nicolle Wallace not pregnant with her baby daughter
Nicolle Wallace and her baby daughter Isabella – Image Source

Wallace expressed her happiness about being able to focus on her family and assured her viewers that she would only be temporarily stepping away from her hosting responsibilities to spend time with Isabella.

Has Nicolle Wallace Addressed the Pregnancy Rumors Herself?

Yes, Nicolle Wallace has addressed pregnancy rumors about herself. In a recent interview, she made it clear that she is not currently pregnant and does not have any plans for immediate parenthood. However, she expressed her openness to the idea of starting a family in the future.

The rumors of Nicolle Wallace’s pregnancy started after her marriage to Michael Schmidt. It is not uncommon for people to assume that marriage automatically leads to starting a family. However, it’s important to remember that every couple has their own timeline and decisions to make regarding parenthood.

Was Nicolle Wallace Pregnant in the Past?

Yes, Nicolle Wallace has not been pregnant in the past. But in the recent years (2020-2023), there have been no confirmed reports or announcements of any previous pregnancies. It’s essential to rely on factual information and avoid relying solely on rumors or speculation.

Nicolle Wallace before being pregnant
Nicolle Wallace: pregnant or not? – Image Source

Has Nicolle Wallace Put on Weight?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that Nicolle Wallace has put on weight in relation to pregnancy. It’s important to be cautious about body-shaming or making assumptions based on physical appearance. Weight can fluctuate for various reasons, and it’s not always indicative of pregnancy.

How many children does Nicolle Wallace already have?

Nicolle Wallace is now a mother to two children. She has a son named Liam and she just welcomed her baby daughter Isabella.

The details of Nicolle Wallace’s personal life, including her children, are generally kept private, as she prefers to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to her family.

photo of Nicolle Wallace pregnancy
Will Nicolle Wallace have a child soon? – Image Source

How Old is Nicolle Wallace?

Nicolle Wallace was born on February 4, 1972. As of the current year, she is 51 years old. It’s worth noting that age should not be a factor when discussing pregnancy or assumptions about a person’s personal life choices. Each individual’s journey and timing are unique to them.

Furthermore, age should not be used to define a woman’s worth or pressure her into conforming to societal expectations. Nicolle Wallace has achieved great success in her career, and she continues to inspire and empower others through her work.

Who is Nicolle Wallace in a couple with?

Nicolle Wallace is married to Michael Schmidt, an American writer and journalist. They exchanged vows in a private ceremony in 2020. Michael Schmidt is known for his work as a correspondent for The New York Times.

The couple has been together for several years and has maintained a private personal life. They have not publicly discussed their plans regarding starting a family, but Nicolle Wallace has shared her thoughts on motherhood in various interviews, highlighting her openness to the possibility in the future.

photo of Nicolle Wallace pregnancy
What did Nicolle Wallace say about motherhood? – Image Source

Final Words

In conclusion, Nicolle Wallace is not pregnant at the moment. She welcomed a baby in 2023 thanks to a surrogate.

The rumors and speculations surrounding her pregnancy are baseless. It’s important to rely on factual information and respect the privacy of individuals when it comes to their personal lives, especially when discussing topics such as maternity and family planning. Let’s focus on celebrating Nicolle Wallace’s achievements in her career and the positive impact she has had on public discourse.

It’s crucial to remember that pregnancy is a personal decision and journey that should not be subject to assumptions or pressure. Every individual has the right to make their own choices regarding parenthood, and it’s essential to respect those choices.


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