Is Nicole Phelps pregnant? This question has sparked curiosity among fans of the Phelps family, leaving many to speculate about potential new additions to their household.

Is Nicole Phelps Pregnant? The Answer

No, Nicole Phelps is not pregnant at the moment. The latest updates from the Phelps family and their representatives have made no announcements indicating a new pregnancy.

Despite the lack of official news, it’s not uncommon for fans and the media to wonder if Nicole Phelps is expecting again. Pregnancy rumors often arise when public figures like Nicole share less about their personal life or when they’re seen wearing clothing that might suggest a baby bump.

Nicole Phelps before being pregnant
Nicole Phelps: pregnant or not? – Image Source

Has Nicole Phelps Addressed the Pregnancy Rumors Herself?

No, Nicole Phelps has not addressed the pregnancy rumours herself, at least not recently or in any public statements that could be verified at the time of this writing. Without her confirmation, any speculation remains just that—speculation.

The rumors of Nicole Phelps’s potential pregnancy often begin with simple misunderstandings or innocent observations. People may interpret a particular fashion choice or a shared photo on social media as hints towards parenthood. Thus, a simple post can unintentionally fuel the rumor mill.

Was Nicole Phelps Pregnant in the Past?

Yes, Nicole Phelps was pregnant in the past. She and her husband, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, have three children together, all of which were well-documented pregnancies that attracted much affection from their followers and the media.

Nicole Phelps not pregnant yet
Nicole Phelps has often been the subject of pregnancy rumours – Image Source

Has Nicole Phelps Put on Weight?

There is no substantiated evidence to suggest that Nicole Phelps has put on weight in a way that would indicate a pregnancy. Any perceived changes in her appearance are private matters or could be explained by natural fluctuations, angles in photographs, or personal style choices.

How many children does Nicole Phelps already have?

Nicole and Michael Phelps are parents to three boys. Their experiences with pregnancy and parenthood have been well documented and shared with their fans on social media, making their family life an open book to a certain extent.

photo of Nicole Phelps pregnancy
Will Nicole Phelps have a child soon? – Image Source

How Old is Nicole Phelps?

Nicole Phelps, born Nicole Michele Johnson, is 37 years old as of 2023. Her birthdate is July 12, 1985, which makes her a Cancer in zodiac terms.

Age, of course, is but a number and doesn’t always indicate a likelihood of pregnancy. Nicole’s current age places her in a demographic where many women still consider expanding their families, which potentially adds to the public speculation.

Who is Nicole Phelps in a couple with?

Nicole Phelps is famously in a relationship with Michael Phelps, one of the most decorated Olympians of all time. Their romance began in 2007 and has been going strong ever since. The couple got engaged in February 2015 and were married in secret in June 2016, later conducting a public ceremony in October of the same year.

They are often seen supporting each other in their endeavors, both in their personal lives and professional undertakings. Nicole has been a consistent presence by Michael’s side during his competitive swimming career and in his activities post-retirement.

photo of Nicole Phelps pregnancy
What did Nicole Phelps say about motherhood? – Image Source

Final Words

In conclusion, while there is a fascination with the possibility of Nicole Phelps’s maternity, it is essential to base our understanding on facts and direct statements from the individuals involved. As of the latest available information, Nicole Phelps is not pregnant.

Speculations will likely continue as long as the public remains interested in the lives of celebrities like Nicole and Michael Phelps. Still, respecting their privacy and waiting for official announcements is crucial to observe responsible discourse about personal matters such as pregnancy.


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